Whatsapp Groups

Whatsapp groups have been considered the best means of communication especially when communicating with friends, family, and colleagues at once. There are so many advantages and disadvantages that one should look into when making or being added to a Whatsapp group.

Here are some of the Pros:

Whatapp groups are very essential when creating a business. You can use a group to reach out to your clients or targeted market.

When starting a business and you wish to make use of Whatsapp, creating a Whatsapp group is of great importance.

With a group, you can reach out to 257 people all at once, than going through every contact.

News as it breaks. 
In most group chats, there’s always that one participant with all the latest news. If you are a person who loves being on top of things, gossip, etc, then a Whatsapp group chat is a great idea for such.

Good times.

Groups can help in bringing back good times, taking you back the memory lane. You can create a group for high school reunion and talk about the good old days.

The Cons.

Getting access to the information you don’t want to know.
A lot of these unrequested group chats make you go through things you really don’t want to know, See things you don’t want to see and read messages you don’t want to read.

Lack of Privacy:

In Whatsapp groups, every participant can easily get access to your number even if you leave the group. Those some people are the ones who will come to your inbox and just want to chat with you and ask silly questions. This is a total turn off,  getting a stranger to text you.

Time Consuming:

The fact that there are lots of messages to go through, and people are still texting as you are trying to read what’s going on makes it time-consuming.

After reading this article you can tell that using Whatsapp groups has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages.

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