The Queen Fires An Actor For Sexual Harassment On Set

The Queen Fires An Actor For Sexual Harassment On Set

Mzansi Magic’s second most show; The Queen will apparently be writing off a male character because of his alleged inappropriate advances on his female colleagues. Although the actor’s identity has been hidden, fans of the show have already speculated three actors following Phil Mphela’s tweet.

The Queen Fires An Actor For Sexual Harassment On Set

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela tweeted: “Word is; The Queen is to drop actor. The murmur is that Mzansi Magic telenovela will be writing (or has written) an actor out of the show following some inappropriate advances on his colleagues. This is a welcome & encouraging step taken by Ferguson Films. Change the culture!”

The first actor they suspect is Peter Mashigo who was fired by Ferguson Films before because he was captured on video abusing his girlfriend. Mashigo plays the role of Jackal on The Queen and he was fired from The Throne by the same production company. 

The second actor fans of the show are suspecting is; SK Khoza who plays Shaka Khoza because he was fired before for being unprofessional.

The third actor the fans are suspecting is Themba Ndaba who plays the role of Brutus Khoza because of the image that was followed by Phil Mphela’s tweet. 


Another actor who was recently fired for sexually harassing his female colleagues; was Mangaliso Ngema from the SABC 2 drama series; Lithapo. This was after three actresses opened up about being a victim of sexual harassment by the actor on set.

The actor apologized on his Facebook page: “I am not going to deny any allegations leveled against my name. I will take full responsibility for the sexual harassment case. I apologize to Miss Lorraine Moropa and others for the abuse I directed towards them. As a senior professional and a fatherly figure. I was out of line. In this time when a country is fighting GBV pandemic. I must be responsible and exemplary.” 


This is a developing story!


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