The Queen: Kagiso's Bad Luck With Women

The Queen: Kagiso’s Bad Luck With Women

Loyiso McDonald who plays the role of Kagiso Khoza has had bad luck with women since season one of The Queen.  

When they’re not dating him for his money, they’re faking their children’s DNA tests so that Kagiso can father them.

Kagiso has never been in a serious relationship that lasts. It always ends in tears for him!

First, it was Kamina played by Michelle Mosalakae who showed up out of the blue, claiming that Kagiso is the father of her child. Then it was Siyanda who faked pregnancy after she miscarried Kagiso’s child, now it’s Goodness Mabuza who also showed up announcing that Kagiso is the father of her daughter. 

 The Queen: Kagiso's Bad Luck With Women

Kamina was not only claiming Kagiso was the father but she was also working with Goodness’s uncle; Diamond Mabuza who was the Khoza’s enemy.

Every time these women pop up, Harriet, Shaka, and Brutus always smell the rat because they’re protective of Kagiso. Kagiso is naïve and tends to think with his heart unlike the rest of the Khoza’s. He always falls for their lies because he’s desperate for a family of his own.

Viewers of the show have noticed the repetition in the storyline between Goodness, Siyanda, and Kagiso and they’re seeking an end to the love triangle this year.

Zenande Mfenyana who plays the role of Goodness took some time off the screen because she was pregnant in real life and she’s now back with Kagiso’s daughter. Viewers of the show also wanted to know if Mfenyane is acting with her real daughter as she gave birth to a baby girl in real life.

 The Queen: Kagiso's Bad Luck With Women

The two were secretly dating behind Siyanda’s back last season and Kagiso has admitted to sleeping with her without protection.

Will this be the end of the love triangle?, will Kagiso finally get his happily ever after?


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