How to install and uninstall FM WhatsappFM Whatsapp

FMWhatsApp is a modified version of popular messaging applications WhatsApp which is customizable according to ones need. Because of its crazy and cool features, it has gained massive popularity.

The application is also classified as unofficial Whatsapp and offers a number of features, among them, users can view status updates even when they have been deleted or 24-hour time frame has elapsed. To add to that, users can also view deleted messages rendering the delete option useless.

Users can also use multiple accounts and access them simultaneously on the same device. Another cool feature is that WhatsAppFm allows for the transfer of large files and messages to multiple groups. This feature is not there on the original Whatsapp.  When it comes to privacy, FM WhatsApp is the way to go as it allows users to hide their online statuses, hide blue ticks, without any of their contacts ever knowing.

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FM Whatsapp also contains security features that nearly everyone would love. Another cool feature that most people can’t stop talking about is how one can lock his WhatsApp and can use pin-lock or fingerprint. According to a survey conducted online, most people asserted that they use this private setting to avoid children from sending messages or calling anyone using their WhatsApp. It also allows users to lock a conversation and can only be accessed by them.

Teenagers have familiarised themselves with this application because it has decorative themes that are eye-catching. Users can change the colour of the application from green-which is  WhatsApp’s original theme colour- to the colour of their choice. Users can also change the style of the ticks.


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With FM WhatsApp one can:

  • Hide chats
  • Lock Chat with security
  • Freeze last seen
  • Hide view status
  • Activate Anti-Delete Status
  • Activate Anti-Delete Messages
  • Can Customize the chat windows at a minute scale
  • Supports Facebook Emojis and Messanger styles.
  • 5-minute video status length support


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