Why Companies Must Start Using WhatsApp To Conduct Businessadvantages of using whatsapp to conduct business

This Is Why Companies Must Start Using WhatsApp To Conduct Their Businesses

Why Companies Must Start Using WhatsApp To Conduct Business

Every successful business has a foundation made by the trust, relationship and communication. This will lead to business
growth especially when there is a proper channel of internal and external communication. In modern society to achieving
greatness in business field companies should adopt new technology that enables effective and efficient communication
between customers, employees, management and shareholder.

The most effective and common communication tool which is vital to business is WhatsApp, it is a tool used to communicate one-to-one, between groups and broadcast. It has over 1 billion users worldwide and over 50 billion messages are shared daily through it. Business owners must understand the importance of communication in business so they have to find faster, easier and better communication tool to use to increase business communication and that is WhatsApp.

Expanding business has been the order of the day when business people are in a gold rush-like movement for them to
profiteer or capture more profits. Digital technologies are radically transforming business practices in the workplace as companies become more mobile and virtual. They are conducting most of their business on WhatsApp as it is emerging as the most important tool which used to lure people to any business. There is a massive increase in the use of electronic gadgets (smartphones and laptop) that are capable of accommodating WhatsApp software be it among the business people and the consumers. Jingwen Yang (2018)

WhatsApp has becomeĀ  the most popular social media tool which has connected more people than any other social media tools and it has more than 450 million daily active users, and it has been downloaded and installed by over 1.2
billion people worldwide.

Reasons Why Companies Must Start Using WhatsApp To Conduct Business:

1. Cheap

Due to the skyrocketing of goods and services WhatsApp is cheaper than calling or texting. By using WhatsApp one would have
reduced telephone bills in the sense that when conducting business over the phone it needs more time to explain and ask
questions till both parties agree and it means more charges on the bill

2. Easy tool to use and it has been accepted in many parts of the world

There are over a billion active users and more than thousands of people who are still joining to use WhatsApp. With the
rate in which people are joining and using WhatsApp coordinating to numeral evidence, it shows that it has has been
accepted and adopted by many people. It is very easy to use and anyone can use it so any can conduct business on it.

3. The Indisputable Leader in Messaging Worldwide

Some business has customers which are spread all over the world so WhatsApp remains the indisputable leader in the
messaging app market in many countries except a few. If a company or organisation enter into a global market, WhatsApp
comes as a solution that should absolutely be used as communications portfolio. It provides high penetration rates
in every region since it is now used in most countries. Companies wishing to use the WhatsApp to conduct their business
need to provide a local number (landline, mobile or even toll-free) and can utilize the language of choice to communicate
with customers. Regardless if customers are in multiple countries or just one; business can be still done on WhatsApp as
customers interact through WhatsApp and it will be a smart move.

4. Enabling Trusted Engagement with Secure Messaging

WhatsApp tool provides a trusted channel between companies and customers (users) to communicate. This tool also unmasks scams in a sense that, both the business and end-user can be assured that they are not interacting with a
scammer. For users, they can see on the company’s account if they are verified. Also, businesses know that
users are genuine because of WhatsApp’s built-in two-factor authentication.

5. Powering Conversations

With the WhatsApp tool, it is easier for companies to engage in two-way conversations and personalized interactions.
Businesses and customers can interact directly and in real-time. While the WhatsApp solution can be used for notifications
and alerts, it is in customer service and conversational where it really shines. Customers can ask questions as if they
are inquiring in a physical store site or over the phone.

Other advantages

– It allows users to send text messages, voice messages, pictures, documents and other files as well as place voice calls
and video calls to other WhatsApp users, all for free

– Private communication thus building trust through the Business profile

– Users are able to send messages and manage complex communications with speed and ease

– Easily respond to customers with auto-replies

– Distance is not a barrier to business

However, there are challenges of using Whatsapp to conduct business which are over-looked e.g records management, risks, compliance and it is not designed with compliance in mind.

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