Cheat on Your Partner Restore messages on Whatsapp

You can cheat on your partner with this version of WhatsApp, without raising any suspicions.

Your partner finding out you have been unfaithful can be so demeaning to them as much as it crushes you. But, while cheating is universally considered a vice, you might be surprised to find out the episode, however, did more good than harm to you and/or your partner’s ‘situationship’.

Fortunately enough with the rise of social media use, to cheat on your partner has been made easier as it allows people to reconnect with former flames, and securely maintain their desired relationships ‘without detection’.

We rock with the view that it may be healthy for your privacy to be always private so to avoid a bit of a downside on your relationship as you go about your business.

Well, that may seem like empty rhetoric considering the amount of literature out there favoring incredulous and paranoidal partners on snoopy ways to discover their partner’s shenanigans on Whatsapp.

But worry not, for we firmly believe -with evidence- this version of WhatsApp can enable people to Cheat on their partners and spouses in peace. With NO Detection!

But first, before introducing the WhatsApp third party, it is always essential to log out of your WhatsApp from your device and Laptop WhatsApp Web every time you are not using it. Because, in as much as WhatsApp itself cannot be hacked, people can read through your messages via a computer that you may be logged on to through WhatsApp Web.

You can as well Archive charts, hiding them from the Chat screen or add a more comprehensive way of hiding your chats by adding a biometric authentification to a particular chat using a third-party application called ‘Locker for WhatsApp’.

You can download this application from Google Play Store, once installed, select WhatsApp under your protected applications and you can choose which chat that needs protection using your fingerprint.

While original WhatsApp offers so little protection to your privacy, be rest assured using unofficial WhatsApp comes with a variety of unique features that will guarantee your privacy.

These are Whatsapp Plus, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Prime. Read more about these applications here.

Although all these have cool features, we commend FMWhatsApp for its cheating-favoring features on steroids.

How to cheat on your partner with FMWhatsApp, without raising any suspicions.

Cheat on your partner FM Whatsapp Features (Must download)
Best and latest FM Whatsapp Features (Must download)

With FMWhatsApp, you can set the auto-replies feature to reply messages without having you to go to a chat, in case you are in the presence of your partner.

It allows you to have two or more accounts with different numbers. You can switch between these accounts without any detection by your partner, eg, use once accounts for each of your partners.

FMWhatsApp has a special feature that allows you to switch on or off your internet for either other apps on your phone or WhatsApp chats. This means you can switch off your WhatsApp internet to avoid messages from popping up in the presence of your partner or totally avoid being disturbed as you cheat on your partner.

You can lock your chats using a special feature. One of its reliable features to utilize while cheating is its option to hide your status and choose who to see or not to see. More so, freezing your last seen timestamp allows you not to be detected by your partner. When he/she gets on WhatsApp you can be notified so you see what to do and not raise any suspicions.

Good luck as you cheat on your partner through this version of WhatsApp.

For more information on FMWhatsApp, check out this article.

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