Tips On How To Hide Sensitive Content On Whatsapp Notification Bar.

Whatsapp Notification bar

How to hide sensitive content on the WhatsApp notification bar.

You might be worried that someone is able to open your phone and view your chats or you are that person who has a tendency of leaving your phone where anyone can read if a message pops on the notification bar.

Not everyone has the right to know whats going on in your life. Your workmates are not liable to see what your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend writes to you when you leave your smartphone on the desk.

Good news, you can now change this and stop sensitive content from being shown on your notification bar. After reading this all your worries on sensitive information being disclosed will be history.

How to change Whatsapp Notification bar settings:

  • Open your Whatsapp and tap on More option( 3 dots on the top right corner)
  • Tap on Settings, then you are redirected to another panel.
  • Tap Notification

On the notification panel, there are several notification features that you might wish to change, but our main focus is on the Popup notification.

  • Tap on popup notification. There are 4 options on which you can set your phone on.

whatsapp notifications

The best option to set on is No popup. In this case, you can only view your message one you open your Whatsapp and not on the notification bar.

Still, on the Notification tab, you can turn off the notification tool written: “Use high priority notifications”. This notification tool when enabled shows a preview of messages at the top of the screen. Once disabled you can now see your messages by yourself.

The popup notification can be disabled on both groups and messages. In a situation whereby you want the group messages, not to popup, you follow the same steps to those of disabling message popups.

Now you can be sure that your Whatsapp messages are safe with just a phone lock. There won’t be any notification popup once you lock your phone you are good to go.

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