Cheat on your partner FM Whatsapp Features (Must download)Best and latest FM Whatsapp Features (Must download)

FM WhatsApp is classified as an unofficial Application of WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp is very famous because of its fun and unique features.  This article will provide you with the best FM WhatsApp features which will motivate you to use Fm WhatsApp or if you are already using it then you can find new features.

Below are some of the features.

Lock Conversation: Sometimes we lock the whole WhatsApp application because of one personal chat but with FM WhatsApp, you can lock only one conversation.

In this case, if anyone tries to open the chat then first he should enter the correct password, draw the correct pattern or use a fingerprint.

Select chat by holding it and then select lock conversation from 3 dotted menu. It will give you options on how you wish to lock the conversation.

Share More than 10 Images: Unlike the Original Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp is more convenient. It allows you to send more than 10 images

Anti-Delete Message: This feature has made FM Whatsapp so popular.  Before FM Whatsapp one would send a message and delete it, then the recipient won’t be able to see the deleted messages but with FM Whatsapp you will be able to see the deleted messages using anti-delete message feature.

  • Open Fouad Settings  go to Privacy and tick the Anti-Delete Message

View Status without letting them know: With the original Whatsapp one is sure to be notified on who opened his status. In the case that you don’t want to be noticed that you viewed a status, make use of FM Whatsapp. This is also on the Fouad Settings.

Show blue tick after reply: Another cool feature is that you can disable the blue tick.

Usually, when you open the chat, blue ticks will automatically show to the other user.

Sometimes you open the message by mistake and you don’t wish to chat or you are busy but can read a message. This feature is so helpful, you can set the  Fouad Settings to show blue ticks when replying.

These are some of the best FM Whatsapp features you can consider when downloading it on your phone. FM Whatsapp makes a difference from the original Whatsapp.

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