Transfer All Your WhatsApp Chats From The Old Phone To The New Phone

So you’ve got a new phone and want to transfer all your WhatsApp chats from the old phone to the new phone, from the old ones to the recent ones, you want it all?

You don’t want to lose neither a dot nor an iota of your hard earned chats lol!

Transfer All Your WhatsApp Chats

Now let’s get down to it!

First you need to back up your WhatsApp messages, we mean all of the WhatsApp messages which exist in your old phone.

It is important not to skip this stage because you will use the back up to restore all the messages in your new phone.

To access the backup feature on WhatsApp

Open your WhatsApp app on your android phone.

  • Tap on the upper 3 dots on the right side of your screen and select settings and you’ll be presented with a number of options.
  • Select chats then move on to chats backup and select the backup option with Google drive.
  • If you want your videos to be backed up as well for transfer to the new phone, you need to check the ‘Include videos’ option.

Please note, if you select local backup it will be stored in your old phone and it’s a hassle to transfer to the new phone so to make things easier, just back everything up to Google drive.
After the backup has been completed, then we move on to the business of the hour, which is migrating all your stuff to the new phone.

Now Install WhatsApp on your new phone.

  • You will go through a mandatory verification process, where you will be asked to enter your country, phone number and a 6 digit verification code will be sent to your phone.
  • After confirmation, you tap continue and allow WhatsApp to have access to your Google Drive backup.
  • Tap on the email account which you used to access Google drive for your back up (should you have more than 1 email account)
  • Tap restore and wait until the process is complete. This may take a little more time if your backup contains a lot of data but be patient, it’s worth it.

Upon completion, tap on Next and you can now access your WhatsApp account on the new phone, with all your old chats.


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