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Whatspp tricks

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging application. It gained popularity among its users with things like group chat, Whatsapp status and the ability to send pictures and other multimedia elements along with messages.

As competition increased, WhatsApp added its free-calling feature and a large number of people rushed to it. Then, it added video calling and recorded voice messages to its offerings. Then there was the addition of Whatsapp status updates which made Whatsapp even more popular.

Here are some of the fun Tips and Tricks that you can apply to your Whatsapp Status.

  • Pause Status.

Whatsapp Status works more like a slide show, each status will be appearing automatically one after the other.

At times it becomes hard to read and finish the caption before the next status comes. To enjoy your status tap and hold the status until you are done reading then remove your finger and move to the next status.

One can also click on the three dots that appear on the top right corner of the status. A mute notification will show up then the status will be automatically on pause. When you are done reading tap on the screen and the Mute notification will be off then you move to the next Status.

  • ¬†Add Links

You might have come across a link that you wish to share on your status and you wondering how to go about it.

First swipe your phone to your left and you will be directed to Status tab.

Tap on the pencil and type the link or paste the link. You can also change the font and background color.

To change the color you click on the paint pallet, the more you click the more background color options you get. To Change font you click on the letter T, also the more you click the more font options you get.

You can also highlight the text using features such as making the text Bold or Italic.

  • Create GIF

You can create a GIF from any video that you have in your gallery. To achieve that you have to trim your video to at least 6 seconds.

This is done after you have clicked the status tab, then you go to the camera icon. Select a video in your gallery.

Trim your video to 6 seconds. After doing that you will see a GIF option right next to video icon, click it and you would have created a GIF.

  • Privacy Settings

Privacy setting is one of Whatsapp status feature that is frequently used. The privacy settings have three options.

  1. My contacts
  2. My contacts except…..
  3. Only share with……

With these options, you can choose the people you want to view your status if you choose my contact except… It means you will have to select the people who can not view your status.

Then if it is only with, you will select people you want to view and the rest will b blocked from seeing your status.

These are some of the tricks that you can work on your Whatsapp status. Try to change from being ordinary and put a spark on your Whatsapp status.




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