What is Yodiz Software?

If you are looking for a new software that can help you track and prioritize user stories, you’ve come to the right place. Yodiz is a visual project management tool that allows you to visualize current and future sprints. You can even drag-and-drop user stories from one sprint to another. You can also link user stories to releases and manage issues in multiple projects and teams. If you are unsure which product to purchase, you can read this article for tips and information on what to look for.


If you want to keep track of your projects, you’ll appreciate the features of Yodiz software. Its dashboards let you see multiple projects side by side and even provide detailed graphs. It also has the ability to link sprints to releases and track issues. It also gives you the flexibility to customize the look of your inbox. Yodiz allows you to work across multiple teams and projects. It also provides a mobile app.

This web-based agile project management tool supports Scrum, Kanban, and product backlog management. It also offers integrations with GitHub, Slack, Google Calendar, and Zapier. Those who work in agile teams will love Yodiz’s recurring issue feature and Zapier integrations. Although it does not offer Gantt charts, it offers many other useful tools, including a dashboard for tracking and organizing tasks.


The Yodiz software is a project management solution. The program supports up to 300 projects per member and includes 100 MB of file storage for each project. Yodiz allows teams to easily monitor project progress, set objectives, and track performance indicators. In addition, Yodiz can connect to various sources of data, including Slack and GitHub. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always opt for the free trial and try it out for a limited amount of time before deciding to purchase the software.

Prices of Yodiz software vary. The free plan comes with three projects and is intended for teams with up to 3 members. The next plan costs $3 per user per month, while the $5-per-user plan offers a complete agile solution and priority support. You can also opt for the self-hosted plan for more advanced features, premium support, and a dedicated account manager. All plans offer a free 30-day trial, and you can upgrade or downgrade as required.

Price tiers

Price tiers for Yodiz include a starter paid plan, a professional paid plan, and a premium paid plan. Each of these plans offers a varying level of functionality and features. The first paid plan, for example, offers the most basic features, and the last two are more expensive. However, the more advanced plans allow teams to manage more complex tasks, while the cheaper paid plans only offer the basics.


If you’re looking for the most convenient way to manage your projects, then look no further than Yodiz. The software’s dashboards give you a comprehensive overview of multiple projects. You can even define tags for each issue and receive notifications when something changes in the system. Integrations with third-party applications such as GitHub and Zendesk make it even easier to track your projects and collaborate with your team. Yodiz is also available on mobile devices.

Agile project managers will love the features Yodiz offers for project management and tracking. With it, you can manage multiple teams, manage multiple releases, and organize your tasks in agile style. Its online backlog management makes managing projects and teams much easier, and you can drag-and-drop story priorities to see which stories need the most work. Additionally, you can use epic features to represent your business requirements and break down larger features into smaller stories.


If you’re using multiple software applications for your projects, you need a solution that will help you keep everyone in the loop. Yodiz software apps can send notifications to everyone with comments and tags on the items you’ve tracked. Users can also connect to external services like GitHub and Zendesk. This software also helps you organize your backlog, set sprint goals, and plan the content of each sprint. There are several different versions of Yodiz software apps to suit different needs and budgets.

If you are using an Agile Scrum method to manage projects, Yodiz is a valuable tool. It offers all the functionality needed to manage Scrum artifacts, including the issue tracker and bug tracker. Dawit Lessanu, a product manager at a software development company, states that Yodiz has streamlined workflow and improved overall efficiency. Additionally, Yodiz helps users manage work and teams in one central location. Using this software can help teams accurately estimate and track issues across multiple projects, which is a great way to boost collaboration between team members.

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