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WhatsApp Beta Update Brings Ringtone For Group Calls, Sticker Animations, Other Features

WhatsApp is working on some new features for the app and the latest beta update has brought forth some noticeable features. The messaging app has worked on changing the user interface linked to the option to make calls.

As pointed out by WAbetainfo, now, the screen will only have the disconnect option at the center during a video call. The update will also have a separate ringtone for group video calls. Earlier, both individual calls and group video calls had the same default ringtone.

The article dated 22 August stated that WhatsApp had submitted the new update through Google Play’s beta program. The portal added that the new ringtone will be playing on loop whenever a call is incoming. If some beta users might not find the ringtone working or have issues with the audio quality, they can try temporarily disabling the night theme of the website.

WhatsApp Beta Update Brings Ringtone For Group Calls, Sticker Animations, Other Features

Several new sticker animations were introduced back in July where users were able to download animated sticker packs in the app, alongside the static ones. This move was present in WhatsApp’s prime rival Telegram for a long time. However, while these stickers used to loop eight times, with the latest update, the looping time period of the animations would be shortened.

Regarding the changes it is undergoing to shuffle and improve the UI for calls, the Facebook-owned company is moving all buttons to the bottom of the screen. It is yet to be seen where do the switch camera option, mute option and message option end up in the final version of the app.

Apart from the above features, WhatsApp is also working on introducing an advanced search mode. The firm had rolled out the feature of video calling with up to 8 members during the lockdown. Since then, WhatsApp has been developing the group video calling system.

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