WhatsApp Do’s and Don’ts…

7 Dos and Don’ts of WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp Do’s and Don’ts should be also respected by the users so that the platform will become interesting to use. However, a  lot of WhatsApp users fail to follow the unspoken/unwritten rules and this will end up or result in having annoying and boring texts or conversations. To avoid that,  PLEASE  users take time to peruse through some WhatsApp  do’s and don’ts.

 The Do’s

  1. Make sure you respond those who text you and please do not leave them hanging expecting their replies. Some messages will be important and needs a quick response
  2. When having a conversation with someone please include some features such as the emojis so that you make the conversation exciting and it shows that you are friendly. Emojis makes the conversation less awkward.
  3. Please mute your groups so that it will not make irritating noise to the next person to you…(your phone will continuously ring or produce same sound when receiving group chats and other chats and this will irritate other people who will be in need of silence). It will also vex other people who will be using same notification tone.
  4. Disable auto-correct  feature because it will change some of your words and they will eventually lose their actual meaning to other meaning and the recipient of your message will get wrong message or information.

The Don’ts

  1. Avoid being rude and just take it as if you are talking to someone face to face.  Avoid a “High school  mean girl attitude”
  2. Do not use too much irrelevant emojis. Repetition of that will make  the conversation annoying. You do not have to sent an emoticon with each text  bubble.
  3. Never ever forward group chat message to your contacts because it will be come annoying to the individuals who would have received the message if they are not interested in it.
  4. Avoid typing in too much short hand like: (m g n u) just type am good and you. Also avoid typing like this: ttthhhhhhhiiiiiiisssssss, yeeeesssssssss, liiiikkkkkkkeeee … this actually looks so stupid and childish.
  5. *NB* Do not just add people into groups, please ask them if they are interested in joining your group.

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