WhatsApp Introduces Biometric Authentication For Web And Desktop AppWhatsApp: Everything You Need to Know About the Controversial Privacy Policy Update

WhatsApp Introduces Biometric Authentication For Web And Desktop App

In an effort to make WhatsApp web and desktop App private and secure, WhatsApp has added a new biometric feature that will confirm your identity when you’re going to link your WhatsApp account to the web or desktop

With this new feature, you will have to create an additional authentication layer using biometrics when you want to use WhatsApp web or WhatsApp on desktop.

Before the introduction of the biometric feature, to use WhatsApp web or WhatsApp on desktop, one would use their phones to scan the QR code and the two devices would be connected.

After the verification of your identity, you will be asked to scan a QR code using your phone and will have to opt to enter biometric login in the second layer of authentication. To do so you can either use fingerprint iris ID, face ID depending on the device you’re using, either android or iPhone.

However, if you don’t want to trigger the feature for linking to your account, you can switch off face or fingerprint unlock. Once you add any biometric login, it will appear before web or desktop link your account with your mobile account.

The biometric security feature works alongside your phone to authenticate the biometric for your desktop app or Whatsapp web.

The best thing about the biometric feature is that it will limit the people who are trying to link into your account without your permission. Moreover, whenever anybody tries to log into your account on the web or desktop app, it will send you a notification on your phone.

This new feature was introduced with the intention to make the web and desktop versions as secure as the one on the phone where users can easily communicate privately and securely.


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