WhatsApp Mod Versions, All You Need To Know

WhatsApp Mod is the modified version of the official WhatsApp that has the unlocked premium features.

Mod versions include the popular WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Go among many others.

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular internet messaging application for smartphones.

It has many forked versions out there and you need to be careful when installing them as you might get yourself banned for life or expose yourself to hackers.

WhatsApp has a strict privacy policy that you agree to when you install it on your smartphone.

The company’s privacy policy is like a million pages long and is written in a language that has plenty of legal jargon and not forgetting the small font.

To spare you the trouble of reading the privacy policy we have compiled for you the best WhatsApp Mod versions that are safe to use.

Risks Associated With Using WhatsApp Mod Versions

Mod versions are very popular because they are user friendly and have plenty of exciting features that include cool themes, emojis, fonts, etc.

Below are some of the risks you might need to know that are associated with using these exciting Mod versions.

#1. Modified versions of WhatsApp are more susceptible to Malware and they do not offer user data protection.

#2. They are not encrypted and hackers may read your private messages.

#3. Some WhatsApp Mod versions like WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp GB are not illegal but using them goes against WhatsApp policies. You may invite a ban or limitation on your App usage by using them.

#NB: We do not recommend that you instal WhatApp Mod versions on your smartphone.

Best Whats App Mode Versions For Android

#1. WhatsApp Plus

This is probably the best (not safe) alternative version of WhatsApp reason being that it has a no ban feature. It has plenty of premium features as suggested by its name.

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

  • Disable and enable blue ticks
  • You can send files as big as 30MB
  • Includes more than a thousand themes

#2. WhatsApp GB

This App is similar to the WhatsApp plus mod, the best feature is that you can use two WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone.

Features of GBWhatsApp:

  • hide online status, double tick and blue tick
  • You can customize the Theme
  • File preview and you can lock certain chats

#3. Yo WhatsApp

This modified version of WhatsApp has extremely cool features, you can install an iOS WhatsApp theme and experience iPhone features on your android phone. It is also known as YOWA.

Features of YOWhatsApp:

  • You can stay online for 24 hours
  • Includes extra emojis
  • Hide last seen for selected contacts

We hope this article was useful, please note that we do not endorse any of the WhatsApp Mod versions.

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