WhatsApp Money Transfer Returns

WhatsApp Money Transfer Feature Returns


Social media giant, WhatsApp has reintroduced its ground-breaking money transfer feature.

The feature which was once removed last year is now back on WhatsApp.

This comes after the Facebook-owned messaging app received approval for in-app money transfers on Tuesday. WhatsApp sought formal approval as a payments initiator and will use Visa and Mastercard as processors. The card systems have already got new permits to work with the app.

With this brilliant feature, WhatsApp users will be able to send each money transfer using Visa or Mastercard as processors.

The feature will be limited to peer-to-peer payments only and will not be able to make purchases at a business.

This feature is set to become a real game-changer especially if it becomes available in all countries. Since is widely used by many people across the world it could simply revolutionize payments for everyone.

┬áThe digital payments feature was once launched last year in June for users in Brazil, but it was quickly removed amid concerns from the country’s central bank.

WhatsApp brilliant feature was well welcomed as it made it possible for WhatsApp users to transfer money using the app. It was considered to be the most convenient way to pay a friend, family, or colleague.

WhatsApp has decided to bring back its brilliant feature. It is currently making final preparations to have payments available as soon as possible. The WhatsApp money transfer feature is going to be up and running soon.

In the meantime, the feature will only be available in Brazil but WhatsApp is working on making it available in other countries too.


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