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Whatsapp Trick On How To Hide That You’re Ignoring Someone. (Read Receipts Feature)

Having someone asking about why you haven’t replied to their text on Whatsapp is a turn-off. However, with Whatsapp tricks, you can disable those double blue ticks and ignore people and their questions.

Read Receipts is a feature on WhatsApp which allows users to see whether their messages or statuses have been read by the recipients or not. Disabling this feature means disabling blue ticks and have a ghost-like account.

How to enable Read Receipts feature

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Tap on Settings                                       
  • Tap on Account 
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Here disable the Read Receipts option. It will disable the blue ticks in your WhatsApp messages.

This feature disables blue ticks on both sides, you will never know if the other contact has opened your message and the other contact will not know either.

With the Read receipt feature, you can also view other people’s status without them know, unless of course if you comment. Other contacts can also view your status and you won’t be notified.

In this case, you can secretly check on your contact status.

Also note, when you enable these privacy settings then the same settings also apply to you, which means you cannot also view your contact’s info which you have disabled on your profile.

One does not need to make use of  FM Whatsapp to set privacy settings,  even the original Whatsapp you can also change from being ordinary.

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