WhatsApp’s Dissappearing Messages Feature Is Available Only For Android Users, Check If You’re One Lucky User

WhatsApp’s Dissappearing Messages Now Out For Android Users Only, Check If You’re One Lucky User

WhatsApp's Dissappearing Messages Now Out For Android Users Only

WhatsApp’s Dissappearing Messages Now Out For Android Users Only

WhatsApp has kept its earlier promise to roll out the much awaited Dissappearing Messages feature for its billion users this year.

Good news is, the new feature is officially out and users have started enjoying seamless instant messaging with a ramped up security.

While this was promised for both Android and iOS users, it seems like Android users are the lucky one to have a feel of what comprises the feature.

Reports have claimed that the Dissappearing Messages feature is now available for a selected few Android users, especially those enrolled on WhatsApp Beta.

Whatsapp beta version has such a feature.

But no worries also for those who haven’t had the feature yet. This is a slow roll out so it may take time to reach all users. But we are expecting the feature in all Android and iOS users by end of this month.

To check if you are one such lucky WhatsApp user, open contact info and see if there’s a new row for disappearing messages. For group chats, admins can check the same through group info.

If the feature is available then you can turn it on, and disappearing messages will be activated for that particular contact chosen.


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