Why Are Some Crypto More Valuable Than Others?

If you’re thinking about making a cryptocurrency investment, you may be wondering, “Why Are Some Crypto More Valuable Than Others?” After all, the value of a cryptocurrency directly depends on the behavior of its users. Demand and supply are directly related, but node count and market capitalization are also indicators of the level of community engagement. This article will discuss these two factors in greater detail. By the end of the article, you’ll have a better idea of why some cryptos are more valuable than others.


There are many reasons to value Bitcoin. First, it is a pioneer in a new industry, and this alone gives it a significant advantage. Second, Bitcoin has become increasingly popular, reaching unprecedented levels of adoption. This is an incredible result given its low price and ability to increase exponentially. Bitcoin is a great example of a digital resource that has become extremely popular for a wide range of uses. But, as with any new technology, it must be adopted and embraced to become truly valuable.

Unlike gold, the value of Bitcoin is unrelated to consumer or producer prices, interest rates, or supply. However, advocates of bitcoin say its main value is derived from its scarcity. Just like gold, bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million coins. According to a Bitcoin price forecast, the final bitcoins will be mined by the year 2140. Therefore, it is important to understand that a coin’s price can fluctuate wildly, and this is why it is so important to invest in it when the price starts to rise.


The decentralized network behind Steem uses blockchain technology. As a result, there is no data abuse or downtime. Instead, users are paid in cryptocurrencies for participating in the Steem network. Its key principle is that the owners should pay contributors and vice versa. Its users can receive rewards, opportunities, and transactions in their own cryptocurrencies. But what exactly is Steem?

Since its launch in July 2016, Steem has exploded. It has a market cap of over $400 million, and it is a peer-to-peer social network. Its developers share revenues and profits with users. The Steem price has increased more than 200% since then. In just two weeks, it has gone from a value of $0.24 to over $4.63. The cryptocurrency was able to climb into the top 10 on Coin Market Cap and has now reached a market cap of nearly $2 billion.

The blockchain of Steem runs on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm. Users vote for up to 30 witnesses, with the top 21 becoming Steem’s “Members of Parliament.” Witnesses are the people who keep the blockchain alive and collect rewards for each block mined. However, the community has expressed dissatisfaction with Steem vote bots. The Vote Bots are supercharged with SP and charge users to upvote.

Lite coin

Lite coin’s rise in value over the last year has been one of the best in the crypto market, but recent turbulence has hindered its progress. While Bitcoin halve sparked an immediate uptick in demand, Lite coin failed to do the same, with the market not catching up to it by year’s end. The LTC/BTC trading pair has declined sharply in value, but the coin is starting to show signs of turning around.

For investors, one of the main reasons Lite coin is worth more than Bitcoin is its transaction speed. Bitcoin transactions take four times as long, whereas Litecoin transactions take one second. Lite coin has the added advantage of being the first crypto to complete a transaction through the Lightning Network, which took a fraction of a second. Despite the fact that more crypto upstarts are entering the market every day, Lite coin remains a top contender, and is set to remain so for a long time to come.


The cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) has a massive market cap and is a top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap. However, it has been the subject of a lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission since 2020. Ripple is being accused of selling unregistered securities. Crypto expert Wendy O says that Ripple is more valuable than other crypto because it was designed with speed and efficiency in mind. XRP is used as the unit of measure for transfers within the Ripple system.

While the price of a single token helps to understand the market, it is inaccurate for comparing the real value of cryptocurrencies. A single bitcoin is worth $15,334 compared to $2.89. This is a mismatch, as there are far fewer bitcoins in circulation than XRP tokens. In fact, there are nearly 17 million bitcoins in circulation and approximately 40 billion XRP tokens on the market.

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