Worst Soapie Entanglements Of 2020

Worst Soapie Entanglements Of 2020

Isibaya: Sbusiso, Siza and Mabuyi

Worst Soapie Entanglements Of 2020

It’s one thing to be played once and be made a fool off and it’s completely insane to be played twice and be made a fool off again.

Sbusiso Ndlovu broke Mabuyi’s heart in the previous season when he promised to marry her without his first wife’s (Thandeka Zungu) approval. What was worse?

Mabuyi found out that she was a mistake and a side-chic when she overheard Sbu and Thandeka talking. 

Mabuyi was the first woman to give Sbusiso a child but that didn’t even matter because Sbu still made a mockery of her.

Mabuyi is stuck in the same situationship this time around with Siza and Sbu. 

When Siza and Mabuyi found out, they broke up with Sbu unlike Skeem Saam’s Glenda and Elizabeth.

But the three are not done with each other, as they are still texting and playing games with each other.

While fans of the show think that Siza will win Sbu’s heart over like Thandeka, Mabuyi’s fans think Sbu will choose her this time around.


Skeem Saam: Glenda, Kwaito, and Lizzy

Worst Soapie Entanglements Of 2020

It’s the end of the year and we still haven’t figured out who exactly Kwaito Seakamela is in love with!

When Kwaito broke up with his varsity girlfriend Glenda for his high school girlfriend Elizabeth, we were sure that Kwaito would finally settle down and eventually propose marriage to Elizabeth.

But that didn’t happen!

Kwaito instead got back together with his ex-girlfriend Glenda and stayed with Elizabeth as well. When the two of them found out, we were sure that they would break up with him, but they didn’t. 

Instead, they kept nagging him to choose which hasn’t happened. Kwaito’s mother who was always a fan of Glenda is apparently going to ask Kwaito to invite Elizabeth over for Christmas, which is going to break Glenda’s heart.

So will Kwaito finally choose who he wants his forever within 2021 or will the women decide for him?

Watch Skeem Saam to find out.


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